Did the Jews crucify Jesus?

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The controversy surrounding Mel Gibson's portrail of the Passion is fueled by Jewish leaders sounding warnings of anti-Semitism. Insodoing, they say that it was the Romans who were responsible, not the Jews. Christian leadership offers the compromise that 'we all' crucified him. Is this a case of denial, differing interpretation, or deception?

-- Anonymous, February 25, 2004


The short answer is that the Jewish leaders of that day were responsible for His death. Actually, all the sons and daughters of Adam were responsible. The Romans were the occupation forces at that time. The Jews were allowed limited government over themselves but that did not extend to imposition of the death penalty. Jesus could have been released by the Romans and punished under Jewish law for His "infractions". However, the Jewish leaders persisted in demanding His death and put pressure on the Roman authorties to envoke the death penalty. So, death penalty accusations against Him were made by them and they demanded that punishment be imposed. Roman politics also entered into the equation because that assignment as governor was not the most lucrative in the Roman Empire.

-- Anonymous, February 25, 2004


-- Anonymous, February 25, 2004

All true. There's a deeper meaning too. The religious crucified Jesus. He wasn't bothering the Romans, He was bothering the Pharisees (religious conservatives) and Saducees (religious liberals). Each were firm in their convictions, and each in different ways were shot through with error. Only a few such as Nicodemus were genuine seekers of Truth.

As a result the Messaiah they were looking so hard for was missed when He arrived. Indeed He was opposed and crucified.

The spirit of religion is one of hell's most contemptible spirits because it puts on a facade of following God. People bound by this spirit are most difficult to reach because they are deceived into thinking they're right with God.

Prostitutes such as Mary Magdeline need no convincing of their need of salvation. It's the religious people who have form, but no relationship with God.

-- Anonymous, February 25, 2004

Oh yes. Anyone who has studied the matter knows the Jewish leaders tried Jesus and would've executed Him had they had the authority. They didn't have the authority though, and the Romans had to be convinced to do the dirty work. To their dismay Jesus was of little concern to the Romans, and the only reason Pilate agreed to the crucifixion was he saw a riot was forming. The life of one man in his eyes wasn't worth the trouble. I'm amazed he made as much effort to spare Jesus as he did before washing his hands of the matter.

This is all well documented, and no rational person today holds today's Jews or Italian people responsible. How can the decendants of people who committed wrongdoing be held culpable?

Really this whole anti-semitism controversy is a red herring sent by the enemy to discredit the movie. Mel Gibson is not trying to start a pogrom by placing blame on the Jews. The focus of the movie is Jesus' suffering, not who dunnit.

The Word of God is a powerful weapon. The Word of God brought to life with all the movie making technology available today is powerful as well. Many are being deeply moved, and as my pastor said, this is a divine appointment for this time.

-- Anonymous, February 26, 2004

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