Wrongful Termination

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Houston, Texas. I've been the operations manager for a company for the last 32 months. The owner came to me with an "Employee Contract" that he stated that every employee at the company would have to sign as a condition of continueing employment. The contract included a cut in pay and a job title change. He also stated that there would be cuts accross the board. I declined to sign and was terminated. Now I understand that on other person refused to sign (and the contract contained a raise) and was not terminated. Now the contract has been taken back all together, and no body is being asked to sign. Do I have any recourse?

-- Steve Peters (swpoffice1@aol.com), February 24, 2004


yes you can filed an EEOC complaint. 1. make sure u adhere to the timeline for filing 2. also in your complaint keep to the specific issues 3. file if you can state claims of discrimination for e.g.. white vs black, male vs. female, if you are over 40yrs file old against young, color, national orgin, if yiu have a disability U got this company by their balls, also in your complaint ask that everyone involve in the company makeshift contract to be witness the AJ(admin. judge) will allow this later in process if it come up for a court hearing

-- Joe (CBurr13008@aol.com), May 16, 2004.

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