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Can you help?

I need to put together a measurable SLA for Applications Development and Support. I am looking for what typical metrics are used, specifically for Apps Development, and I welcome any examples too!

Regards Nita Patel

-- Nita Patel (, February 23, 2004


hi, I think we can help, our product end-end software can measure each transaction by client, network and server time. it is an ideal tool to measure a new application roll out in the testing phase in real time rather than in a development enviorement, please feel free to contact me or visit

-- Brian Peck (, April 18, 2004.


In other words, you are looking for project delivery and quality metrics, right?

Earned Value Project Management is a good basis for project delivery. I'd use defect removal ratio (DRE) for the second.

-- Mike Tarrani (, June 07, 2004.

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