I need Carbon air tubes or covers.

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Hi all, I am in need of some carbon air tubes or air tube covers. Also, if someone has the air tube covers, do you like them and are they worth the money? OR should I simply buy the complete tubes? If anyone has any other carbon bit they want to sell, please contact me.

-- Andre Finney (vooveevoo@yahoo.com), February 22, 2004


Where about in the world are you??I have a few brand new carbon bits- elec covers,chainguard,heel piece, all brand new bought to hopefully match the carbon dream stuff i allready have-but it did`nt!!

-- mike tilston (miketilston@btinternet.com), February 23, 2004.

I am in california, near San Francisco (no jokes please)LOL Where are you and what parts tdo you have?

-- Andre Finney (vooveevoo@yahoo.com), February 23, 2004.

i`m in the Uk-so no good

-- miketilston (miketilston@btinternet.com), February 24, 2004.

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