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I am a social work major at San Diego state University and I'm putting together a class presentation on the history of behaioral therapy.I would like some sdvice on how to find information on how did the practic model (behavioral therapy) and its related theory (Social learning theory)develop.Who were the main contributors to its development? Also what are the major premises, assumptions, and concepts of the practice model and its related theory? Then, what importance does the model/theory place on affect, behavior, and cognition. I would really appreciate any advice on where to locate this type of information. Thank you for your help,

Richard Garcia

-- Richard Garcia (, February 18, 2004


I would consult an encyclopedia of psychology. For example, The Baker Encyclopedia of Psychology and Counseling (Grand Rapids: Baker Book, 1999) has an article on behavior therapy that includes its history, as well as cross-references for related articles. The article also includes references to books you might find useful. Ask your college/university librarian about where to find the encyclopedias of psychology, and you'll have a good start.

-- Hendrika Vande Kemp (, February 19, 2004.

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