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Has anyone tried installing any manufacturers decoder onto a Bachmann Cable Car? P/N 160-60530. Doesn't seem to be any room for one but wanted to find something small enough to maybe hide under a makeshift cover. Is there even wiring on these cars to do anything with?

Also shouldn't this cable car run on my DCC layout even without a decoder in it? When I set the car on the track all I get is a buzzing sound. Is something wrong with it or do I not understand the process (still new to DCC and model railroading altogether) Thanks for the help.

-- Ken Varble (kvarble@tekord.com), February 18, 2004



You can run a ordinary loco on DCC track. Some systems require a few components to be added to your loco to work. I believe System One required these parts. Digitrax does not.

I don't recommend that you operate your locomotive this way as a long term solution. It damages some motors.

The buzzing sound is normal - not that prototype locomotives buzz!

Select address 0 on throttle. Your locomotive will move when you advance the throttle.

One little thing to note. Locomotives operated this way will jump into reverse if used on a booster set to autoreverse and it auto reverses. This is a real good reason not to operate a locomotive on address 0! Also, the throttle direction indicator may not match the locomotive's direction. Neither of these are a fault of your loco or DCC system. Remember your old DC power pack. It has a direction switch but is not labeled forward or reverse.

-- Allan Gartner (bigboy@wiringfordcc.com), February 18, 2004.

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