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OK I have an employment agreement which states my hourly rate and 45 hours per week to work, 10 months ago I purchased a truck from my boss financed thru payroll deductions now all of a sudden he wants me to be salary taking a cut in pay of over $2.5 a hour and wants to pay the truck payment for me if I am salary can I collect unemployement benifits my contract states severence pay if they close do I loose that if I go salary if he closes now would he have to give me the money back for the truck he sold me I just found out its leased he does not have the wright to sell it what can i do

-- todd liptock (, February 17, 2004


The fact is you and that company has a contractual aggreement u can file charge for breach of contract and you should sue for punitive damages also if think you will experience lost of income you should file for compensatory damages as well, also as quick as possible you should contact the lease company and report him to them because he broke their aggreement as well, too

-- Joe (, May 16, 2004.

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