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i read a few posts and i saw some questions about this. one of them were whether they were in love or not. i hope my observations aren't too obvious.

I recently saw the Demiurge ep on mtv, and i was pretty shocked that trevor would be interested in the demiurge. i always related more to aeon then trevor. trevor being shallow(sort of) and aeon seeming more deep. i saw a few more episodes and i noticed a pattern.

trevor is very trendy, avant garde, his mind moves from one object to the next and when things don't work out he returns to aeon. he is interested in her because she is foreign, mysterious, and dangerous. she is the most exciting thing going on. when he finds something new,(the alien with removable eyes, the demiurge, seraphim) he becomes bored lol even hostile towards aeon. he wants to kill aeon in the alien episode. my interpretation of aeon is she for some reason is attracted to trevor. she doesn't want anything to get in the way. i wouldn't say this is true for all episodes because i haven't seen them.

-- xx (, February 17, 2004


Well, you should watch all the episodes.

Trevor wants aeon because she doesn't want or need him; but everyone else does.

He likes her because she doesn't give in.

He respects her because she doesn't chase power like he does, she just does what amuses her.

Everyone else in the show is a puppet of one sort or another.

-- ashley fox (, February 18, 2004.

Attractive, is the sensed chance, to achieve the satisfaction that comes with getting the 'right person' to like you, the way that you want them to like you. This satisfaction can come from seeming to attain something like equilibrium, where the attraction was in being persuaded by the possibility of it. (By equilibrium I mean, what feels *naturally* right)

Aeon and Trevor seem contradistinctive to each other. If they're attracted, perhaps its because, through contradistinction, there is potential equilibrium in a relationship between these two outrageously defined individuals.

As far as Trevor's obsessions go, I imagine Aeon would rather be the sum of the parts, not just a part of the sum - The thought of herself as another number in the rolodex would be dissatisfying.

Aeon's attraction towards Trevor could partly be explained as a response to Trevor's, not uncommon, discontent with her - and of course, the same vice versa - itís a love hate relationship.

-- Sam (, February 18, 2004.

First of all, I would suggest to read through all those postings by Peter Chung and Mark Mars. There's a lot to be found about their intentions and points of view about the different characters and stories.

IMHO, Aeon and Trevor represent different elements of human nature. Trevor has the logical, planning mind. He longs for knowledge, power, control over others, and order. Aeon on the other hand acts mostly on impulse. She doesn't too much about others but claims personal freedom and emotional fulfillment. Still it is hard to tell who is good, bad, right or wrong.

As in the human mind this logical planning part often gets into conflict with emotional impulses. Still, we know both parts are lacking something and couldn't work without the other. If you watch different episodes you can also realize that the description of Aeon and Trevor varies or that at least the focus on their characters changes. Trevor apears as a powermad dictator, a dedicated scientist, an abusive pervert or a visionary who tries to give mankind a spirital awakening. Aeon on the other hand is sometimes a politically motivated terrorist, a mercenary, a mere adventure seeker, playful kid or just someone trying to help a friend.

Watching my tapes over the years I think the characters are not that important as persons but they are instruments for the stories that are told. Thus I wouldn't dare to give a general answer on the relationship between Aeon and Trevor. Look at every single episode and answer your question for this episode. Finally, there are some recurrent elements in their relationship, but to sum them up in 2 sentences would imho reduce the whole show to a mainstream soap opera which it is not.

-- Martin (, February 20, 2004.

martin, very well done. i did read most of the posts. my observations were done while watching the show. not so much after. if it was done after anything would seem possible. it also had to do with their actions rather then what they said or what the story was about. drawing from memory it was more to do with the seraphim and alien episodes. i'm kind of bored. i don't feel the need to defend or drive home any points.

ok bye

-- xx (, February 20, 2004.

I think Trevor turns to flights of fancy because Aeon is such a ballbreaker. She doesn't let old Trev's dictator ego command her. He ends up trying to escape her dictatorship over his heart. The amusement is how badly his escapes always go, (her fault).

Question: does anyone think maybe there was a little attraction going on between Denise and John?

-- Siberianmuse (, February 22, 2004.

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