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My husband and I worked at the same company, me for 4 almost 5 years him 4 years. He hurt himself on the job and was advised to "prove it" and he had not choice but to file for workmans's comp. From that point on my job became hard and caused me to have emotional destress and ended up in me getting fired and denied unemployment. What can I do????

-- Cathy Caldwell (, February 17, 2004


Have your husaband file an EEO at the nearest EEOC office for discrimination (disability-denial of benefits)unfair labor pratice you should file by yourself you should be able to documentthe time & dates of each occurence, also get witness to prove statement the best to get them is to tell if they write a statement and sign it you wont have to use them in court and it should be confidential. this should be done in the EEO time limits.

-- JOE (CBurr13008@AOL.COM), May 16, 2004.

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