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hello, al of us that like to build things expeciali go-karts and other tipes of vehicles, use normaly internal combustion engines, but my greatest machine is not powered by one of those engines, but by not one but two electrical motors, me and my brother have builted many machines since go-karts and chainsaw powered bikes, to chainsaw powered caiakes, we have built almost everything. But our greatest machine was not gasoline powered it was electric, this machine was a ATV that use tracks and was powered by electryciti, it had to 900 w brushless motors, that were from a two electric scooters, these e-scooters gave us the motors the bateries the speed control and the transmitions. We made a steel frame like a shoe box shape but with 47 inches long and 21 inches wide by 9 inches high. We put the motors in the center and use the scooter´s transmition (that was by belt) to give power to a C

-- 2twinbros (, February 17, 2004


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We put the motors in the center and use the scooter transmition to give power to a Cog that will rotate the tracks, this one were made by 2 rubber straps with 2 inches wide 4 mm thickness and almost 2,60 m long, that were join together by 32 pieces of metal each one bolted to the rubber by 4 bolts in the total of 128 bolts were use for each track, these tracks were guided by 4 weels from the garbage containers. After the motors and the tracks were made we covered the whole structure with 3 mm fiber glass sheets, giving the machine the abitity of water proof. For the steering we use the motor speed controler so we drive a track faster than the other the machine will turn in a almost zero turning radius. The steering was made of to levers one in each side of the driver (just like a bobcat tractor), and with two brake pedals each one brake a track (by pressing just one the machine will turn or we brake the two at the same time and the machine will stop). We added some luxuries like a baterie indicator and 2 master switches (one for each motor+baterie system) and we have a great machine. PERFORMANCES- this is not a machine for speed is top speed was just 21 km/h and with a full charge it have a range off almost 25 km. It could run on sand, mud,snow,ice and rocks it could "face" water of 20 inches deep wihtout the pilot wet imself. there is virtualy no place were this machine couldnt go. The bateries charge in just 6 hours and the twin motors have more torque than a a go- kart powered by a 6,5 hp engine. It could pull a small trailer with 220 kg of weight, and climb a 60% incline with just 3/4 of throtle. It was a very fun to drive this machine, and the thing that impress- me the most was is abilyti of climbing stairs. So try to build a machine of these type you guys are going to love it.

p.s.= sorry my bad english

electricyty is the future

-- 2twinbros (, February 17, 2004.

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