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My 6 year old autistic brother gavin started watching Aeon tapes with me and now quote's lines from her. He is mezmorized by the animation. He'll say things like "Ready for the action now danger boy?" its kinda jibery when he says it but the best is when he say's "Man alive good child you give me the hinks!". It's quite hillarious but mom doesent like it much.

Hey Fox my computer was freak'n rip'd apart and rebuilt. But I didnt think to save my story on a disk or someting. So I am going to have to re write my intro and idea's to the best of my knowledge. It may take a bit im sorry : (. In the meen time...where are those y aeon pics!!!

-- Grant "Fox" The Griz (, February 17, 2004


Your brother is cool in *my* book!


-- skye (, February 18, 2004.

super cool

bloody aeon pix coming, promise

-- ashley fox (, February 18, 2004.

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