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I am having a frustrating time getting my Digitrax system to operate. I have asked a couple questions on this board but am still lost. I live in suburban Boston MA ( metro west) and am wondering if someone on this board is in my area that is knowledgable and willing to help me with the basics. If I continue the way I am going I am going to throw in the towel.

-- Steve Murphy (stephenmurphy@mindspring.com), February 16, 2004



First of all, you should try to keep things simple when you start, secondly read your manuals carefully (although they may be overwhelming, but even the Super Chief manual has a section on getting started fast). Also, get the Big Book of DCC, and then follwo the following outline:

Step 1: Complete the wiring of your layout with separate power districts (i.e. completely isolated with respect to both connectors) for accessories and train running. Make sure that everything works with DC for the trains.

Step 2: Purchase a loco that has a decoder installed, or install a plug-n-play decoder in one that has an NMRA 8-pin socket.

Step 3: Hook your command station/booster to your train, turn the power on. Make sure that there is a voltage to the track. Put a DC -loco on the track. It makes a singing noise. Try to control it with address 00. If this works, put your DCC-loco on and try to run it.


-- Ulrich Albrecht (albreuf@auburn.edu), February 27, 2004.

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