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I have a friend who is 36 years old and has already had both hips replaced. He needs his shoulders and knees replaced, too. He is a gulf war veteran. Does anyone know of any other veterans with this kind of problem? Also, how long does it take for AVN to show up on x-ray? In other words, how long does it take for it to progress in order to be diagnosed? Thank you for any information you can provide. Sincerely, Jill Mitchell

-- Jill Mitchell (, February 16, 2004


Jill, Your friend probably needs to contact a doctor doing research in Gulf War repercusions. The only doctor I know specializing in this is Dr. Nancy Klimas of the University of Miami with offices at the Veterans Hospital in Miami, Florida.

If your friend needs further info please email me directly. Keep smiling, it helps the body. Peg Burns

-- M.A. (Peggy) Burns (, November 09, 2004.

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