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I have VCDs which I want to put online as streaming Real video files. How do I go about converting them?

-- Yasser (, February 14, 2004


You'll need copy of Real's Real Producer - - They don't give a whole lot of info on it, just that it converts "media" files, which could be anything. I'd probably also grab a copy of VCDEasy ( or some other program that can extract the .dat file from the VCD and remove the RIFF header.

Real Producer isn't cheap, and since Real's codecs are proprietary by them, I don't know of any other program that can convert to real media. EO Video ( can convert *from* real to others, but I don't know if it goes to realmedia.

-- B. Walker (, February 17, 2004.

I have mpeg which i want to put online as streaming Real vedio files.

-- Anurag Kaushik (, September 17, 2004.

One option is to use Camtasia Studio - Producer. Use the pack and show option and select your output quality. The only catch is it will only accept your file as an AVI.


-- ~m (, September 17, 2004.


thanks for it dear developres.........

-- vishu (, February 12, 2005.

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