AKG C1000S or Stereo Mic for MD recording?

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Hi I'm new to this forum and have a rather elementary question. I just bought a AKG C1000S to record my practice sessions (I'm a violinist.) I will be recording onto a Mini Disc. Being new this sort of thing, and having up to this point only used small stereo mics from sony that plug directly into a MD recorder, I neglected to get every thing I need to be up and running. The C1000S is not a stereo mic and only records onto the left channel when put through an XLR-1/4" connector and a stereo plug adapter to the mini jack. My question is, should I continue with the use of this mic and get the proper components to record onto MD, or should I just go with a more expensive ($250) Sony stereo mic that is designed for use with a MD? How much will I probably end up spending on the proper components to use the AKG? I've heard that the AKG mic is excellent for its price and is very good for recording violin. This set up will be used for recording/playback of practice sessions and not for professional recording. Thanks for your help. -J

-- Jay (johnnymacfarlane@hotmail.com), February 14, 2004


I wouldn't say that the 1000S is good for violin; it exaggerates overtones somewhat; and like most electret condensers, is somewhat lacking in "body." When I reviewed it, the list price was over $400, so I'm puzzled that it's now cheaper than a $250 Sony. If you want an inexpensive stereo mike, you have almost no choice but the Sony units; but I would get the best of them, the ECM-MS957, which lists for about $400 but sells for less.

The Sony MD machines have a "feature" which many call a "bug": a DC voltage is present at the mike input, as though there were a little battery connected there. Sony calls this "Plug-In Power," and it serves a purpose with some Sony mikes; but some other mikes may be upset by it. Whether the C-1000S is upset or not depends on details of its design which I'm not familiar with. If however you wish to use the 1000S and get sound through both channels, a cheap "splitter" from Radio Shack will do the job.

These mikes with MD will give you lots of useful information about your playing, but don't expect studio quality.

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-- james boyk (boyk@caltech.edu), February 14, 2004.

Quite a bit of time has past since this post but I just stumbled across it so...

For some excellant and quite low cost mic options for MD recording in stereo check out http://www.reactivesounds.com/am2.php . They have some excellant stuff.

-- Kevin (spiderlan@hotmail.com), November 30, 2004.

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