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Hi my name is Colleen and I am taking the final steps towards my certification as a doula through DONA. I am offering my full services to women in the NYC area with EDDs from February through the begining of April---free of charge or for a low payment of $200 (client's preference)--in exchange for filling out a form concerning how my services were helpful to you. My services include a prenatal visit (plus constant access to me through phone and email), continuous labor/birth support, a postpartum visit, and a written account of your birth story. Although I am not yet certified through DONA I am an experienced labor support person. I worked for almost two years as a Birth Assistant at the Elizabeth Seton Childbearing Center. During that time I was blessed with the opportunity to assist women, their birth partners, and their midwives through approx. 36 births. I should also let you know that I am currently pregnant (EED is early June)--so if the idea of a pregnant doula appeals to you, and you are looking to minimize meds/interventions in your birth, please contact me. Love and light Colleen Bak

-- Colleen Bak (, February 13, 2004


Dear Colleen: I would love to learn to be a doula. I have always dreamed of being an "on call" coach in a hospital, in case the husband fainted during the birth, I would just go in and take his place...being a doula would be as close as i can get. Please tell me where you are being trained for this...I also live in the NYC area and would love to help women who are having babies...Thank you, Linda Banuchis

-- linda banuchis (, March 30, 2004.

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