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I am paid a commision on new sales (10%) and I am not responsible for the loss of existing business according to my comp plan.

We lost over $100k in business in 12/03 for which I was not responsible for according to our comp plan. I booked $100k in sales in January. Commisions are paid the following month - thus I am owed $10g 2/20/04.

On 2/13/04 I was told verbally that there is a new comp plan in place. I will be paid on net, rather than gross sales. And this plan is being applied retroactivly to 1/1/04. Thus - I will be paid nothing.

Can a firm change your comp plan, apply it retroactivly without your knowlege, and thus void due pay? This seems quite illegal.

Comments appreciated.

-- FJH (, February 13, 2004


Good grief you need some legal advise. I have been browsing this board and your ? was in Feb this is April. I surly hope you got some sound advise

-- Kikki Scheer (, April 16, 2004.

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