Digitrax Super Chief: 5 or 8 amp best??

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As I contemplate which route to go...

The new layout (first DCC of mine) progresses, I am at the point where I need to make the decision of whether to purchase the 5 or 8 amp Super Chief.

The layout has 3 full lines - a long frieght/commuter line, a freight line with industries, and a medium-sized yard (turntable, ladders, etc). My two sons and I will likely be running trains at the same time (the reason for the 3 separate 'lines'), and I intend to be doing some MU's and multiple train operations on the line I am on - I'm sure they'll want to have a try at it, too, once they see what FUN it is! So, at minimum, 3 trains running - at most, probably 10, for now.

IF: I use the PM-42 unit, and have four districts (was thinking of one for each line, and then one specifically for the 'yard' area), is the 5 amp going to be enough? It is less expensive to buy the 8 amp now, rather than have to add another 5 amp booster soon. My understanding of the PM-42 is that I can regulate the amperage in each district (?), so wondered if this would be the way to go, and yet have the total amperage (most of the time it would surely be in reserve) to supply all 4 districts with enough 'juice', should each district be needing a big load all at the same time.

Any comments would be greatly appreciated! Especially if my thinking is flawed somehow...

Thank you! - Walt

-- Walter McIntosh (wmac@imt.net), February 13, 2004



You can use a PM-42 with a 8 amp Super Chief as you describe.

-- Allan Gartner (wire4dcc_admin@comcast.net), February 20, 2004.

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