poe life realate to his work

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I need to write a term paper on how Poe's life, + upbringing affected his greusome writings . . does anyone have any ideas, or good sites you can link me to? Or if you can think of an easier, maybe more origial topic, give me the ideas :) Thanks!!

-- Anonymous, February 12, 2004


I don't know if you can totally connect him childhood to his writings. If you were to focus on the women in his life - you would have a connection. Ironically, Poe wrote extensively on death. Yet, I believe he feared it - Poe lost his natural mother, foster mother, wife to tuberculosis, he lost a childhood love to insanity, and many others. A lot of the women he loved died horrible deaths. That's not entirely original, but it does give you another direction to look. If your dead set on the biographical approach, look at one of his poems for connections. ANNABEL LEE is easy to connect - his wife Virginia MAY be the topic, and the death from the cloud can also be viewed as the CLOUT of tuberculosis that hovered over his life.

-- Anonymous, February 14, 2004

I am also writing a term paper and I have also picked edgar allen poe mostly because he was amazing and my topic ended up being about haw his life is portrayed in his writing through the tragedies he has suffered

-- Anonymous, November 30, 2004

I am also wirting a paper, my topic is very close to the others. Poe's life clearly influenced his work. What i plan on doing, is examining evidence in Poe's works that ponit to the fact that his life influenced his works. I am not looking at this as a biograpghy of Poe's life, but an investigative analysis showing the parallels between Poe's life and his work.

-- Anonymous, December 02, 2004

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