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how did edgar allan poe die? where did he die? why did he not die younger than he did? do you like poe? what is your favorite story by him. what is your favoite poem by him? write a poem for me about poe. how many people had died in poes life? where did he live? did he get hit by a turck? or train. i love poe so much.

if you could answer these questons for me i would be so happy. it is for school and need it as soon as you can.

-- Anonymous, February 11, 2004


On October of 1849, it was al over for Poe. On his way to Philadelphia for an editing job, he got off the train in Baltimore. He was found unconscious a few days later in the street. He died in a hospital on October 7 and was buried in Baltimore.

-- Anonymous, February 11, 2004

One of America's most gifted and mysterious writers died from "excessive nervous prostration affecting the brain and resulting from exposure, encephalitis or inflammation of the brain . . . [a condition] a physician of today might prefer calling it lobar pneumonia, complicated by transient retardation or depression" i think Edgar is Awesome! infact more than that. i felt so bad that he had to suffer throught that. you seem obsessed with him, but that's ok.

-- Anonymous, February 11, 2004

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