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I've been working for a very hostile and abusive manager for five months now, and the end is near. I work in Washington, D.C., which is an at-will 'state'. I have logged dictophone recordings and emails of nearly 15+ times in which she has verbally abused or threatened me. Examples include: telling me that if I didn't accomplish a certain task by COB, that "your name is mud!" and yelling at me for not reminding her about a meeting that she set up. (She is a VP, and I am a Director reporting to her, but not an admin/secretary for her).

More egregious is the fact that she recently told me that the CEO plans to terminate me prior to or on my 6-month review in March 04. His reasoning stems from the belief that I did not fulfill a tenet of my job description, which was to do online marketing. I have documented e-mails since October in which I pressed my boss for us to perform these tasks, but each time she recommended that we wait until after the given project launched. In December she told me to no longer communicate directly by e-mail with the CEO and Sr. VP of Operations. It is my belief that my attempts to fulfill my duties were thusly not conveyed to them, a fault attributable to her.

This week she told me she plans to quit, and advised that I look for a new job ASAP. I expect the axe to fall for me soon as noted...would I have any legal recourse to pursue wrongful termination?

-- Chris Fillio (, February 11, 2004


Chris I dont have a answer but this same thing just recently happened to me, I would love to see more information regaring this and how you handled it. Thanks, Steve

-- Stephen Port (SAPCOMM@PRODIGY.NET), February 18, 2004.

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