Swollen,warm, and painful knee

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I had a knee replacement on Sept. 29,2003. I have swelling, warmth, and pain. The pain wakes me at night. My Dr. has taken x-rays(many views) and informed me that it was completely normal. I do trust his opinion. I am starting PT twice weekly in hopes this will give me relief, and given a RX for Darvocet every four hours. However,I have a feeling there is something just not quite right. This has continued for about a month. Before then it was progressing nicely. Thank You Can someone clue me in, or experienced this same problem?

-- Jan Davis (phunnyphace57@aol.com), February 10, 2004


My mom (80 yrs old) had total knee replacement July 2003 and one month ago developed the same symptoms you speak of. Her doctor suggest the same therapy. He advised she have an epidural and begin PT. We feel there must be something else to have caused this, though the ex-rays suggest no infection. We are asking today for a cat scan since she cannot have an MRI. We are wondering if anything is defective?

-- (rejoyce7@optonline.net), July 19, 2004.

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