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Recently downloaded Photo2vcd Pro V2.75 and have noticed a minor but annoying "feature". I imported around 300 jpeg images and want to burn them to music. I want specific images to appear at specific points in the music, and through the preview option had everything synched up the way I wanted it. However, when burned the resulting VCD was out of sync, the images cycled through at a much faster rate than they had during the preview, completely ruining what I was trying to do. Has anyone else seen this behavior? Am I missing something obvious in setting this up? If not, and this is normal then a big thumbs down to Photo2VCD and their previewer - its useless.

-- Seve Martindale (, February 10, 2004


I have spent lot of time to find out what the real problem is and then i found out a small tool that could do a better job than photo2vcd. Download DubIt from Create avi files and then make a vcd.

-- John (, January 09, 2005.

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