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I'm trying to burn 4 or 5 mpg files in one VCD using NERO 6. The problem is NERO is burning the files compiled in descending order & in the menu they appear in ascending order.

i.e. for eg i want to burn 4 files a,b,c,d & compiled them in the tracks - > 1-Menu,2-a,3-b,4-c,5-d.In the menu they appear as 1-a,2-b,3-c,4-d & after burning when i play the VCD,it plays the files in the order - d,c,b,a.

Help Please,

TIA, Lilly

-- lilly (, February 10, 2004



-- EZI (EZITUPER@HOTMAIL.COM), February 11, 2004.


I tried renaming too.But it ddn't work as it doesn't go by alphabetical order.Actually when i used the trial version the 1st file i add in compilation would be added in track 2 next to menu page & the following files i add would be added in tracks 3,4,etc.

But now what happens is the 1st file(a) added gets added in track 2 after menu page & when i add more files (b,c,d),the file 'a' gets pushed down in the in track 2-d,3-c,4-a.

Suggestions please

-- Lilly (, February 12, 2004.

Are you using Nero burning rom itself or using the wizard?

-- EZi (, February 13, 2004.


I tried both the wizard & the nero CD burning ROM but got the same results.

-- Lilly (, February 17, 2004.

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