unfair treatment

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I work for an Audiology office in San Diego. At the time of signing to this company I signed my offer that included my pay raise and insurance after 3 months I was to receive both. It took 9 months first of all for me to get my promised raise even though I started very low than what the job was offering. I have been there 1 year and 4 months and I still have not received insurance. My supervisor said to me that our boss would not give it to me because "he was cheap". Well she gave her 1 month notice and 1 week before her last day, I was offered her position. I accepted at a $4 dollar raise and hourly not salary unlike her. I signed the offer, so did the doctor and on the last day, she informed the doctor that she was staying and refused to leave. No one knew about this , our boss who's business this is, is out on a sebatical, the other doctor who is in charge now is the one whom I am speaking ofhad made arrangements for me to take on this position, so now everything is up in the air. I was refused a raise again because of a few tardies, for which I have legitimate reason and because I once was on the phone with a family member. Can all this be justifiable.? thank-you I appreciate your response.

-- magda sanchez (aries1277@hotmail.com), February 09, 2004

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