I'm starting a web site. Want in?

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Evening all. Thinking of starting my own site so's I can post my stuff for all to see. I'd be happy to put some of your stuff on it too if you don't have a site, or have a site and wouldn't mind contributing to mine, and would like your stuff on the internet, I will of course give full credit.

I don't know much about the limitations but there will be a size limit, i.e. how many megabytes I can put up at any given time. I'll post it when I know.

I accept fan art and animations [short movies], anything that doesn't suck and isn't too much file for poor little Metrocast.

I am calling it Aggregate Synthetic.

-- Ashly Kehl (stefburk@metrocast.net), February 08, 2004


I'll help you. i've done dozens of these.

You can do it for free at yahoo - geocities.

set this up for a friend... http://www.utilityproject.net It's hosted at geocities.

made these for this place I used to work...

www.icanstilltellyourwifebill.com www.creepysites.com www.yarnbird.com www.sparkfactory.com www.mysonpeter.com www.fortheloveofjulie.com (being re-vamped)

If you want your own domain name, that costs $, but you can get hosting dirt cheap or free.

-- ashley fox (ash@t256.com), February 09, 2004.

Thank you. When can we start?

-- Ashly Kehl (stefburk@metrocast.net), February 09, 2004.

right now.

Aggregate Synthetic is a long name.

I'd recommend something shorter.

I had lodge of conquerors for a while. Fucking hated typing that shit in.

maybe agrgr8synth.com but that's still kinda long.

up to you.

I'll help w/ your logo design and all that if you want. Got a ton of plug ins for sweet text treatment

-- ashley fox (ash@t256.com), February 09, 2004.

Don't need a logo, and if I did I'd design it myself. I used to do logos for fake websites and corps for my early fiction (all of which sucked, the fiction not the logos) so I've got experience.

www.AG8SYN.com would be just fine.

-- Ashly Kehl (stefburk@metrocast.net), February 09, 2004.

okay, now you've got to register that. You can do it almost anywhere, but I reccomend register.com. There are cheaper places, but they usually demand you host w/ them, which will always be a problem later, and will probably end up costing you more in the long run.

once you've got that set up, we'll talk about hosting, html and ftp

-- ashley fox (ash@t256.com), February 09, 2004.

Y'know, we already have a website, so I don't even need to do all that shit. If any of you want to see some of my art go to


Sorry for taking up so much space, just didn't know

- Kehl

-- Ashly Kehl (stefburk@metrocast.net), February 12, 2004.

We get it free from Metrocast, my family and I. We just didn't know we had it already.

-- Ashly Kehl (stefburk@metrocast.net), February 12, 2004.

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