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There is a purple ribbon project that was started in the Heavens that is becoming highly commendable. Light poles, trees and churches are being decorated with these purple ribbons. The purple ribbons represent the glorious return of Jesus Christ. The second advent of Christ will be the most wonderful event the world has ever experienced. The purple ribbons represent Jesus return in the sky and not on land.

There is a spiritual wickedness that lies in the spiritual world that must be defeated. Here is a link to more than 900 names of demons that must be defeated: This spiritual wickedness is responsible for much of the evil that abides in our world, such as the destruction of the Twin Towers. Be aware that our world will end in nuclear wars if these these demons are not defeated. Below, I have included knowledge of the wicked Pagan Goddesses that must be defeated.

Kali Ma is the ever becoming, ever destroying force of Life. She is both unimaginable horror and abundant bliss. She is seen in the deadly dance of antelope and lion. Labyris is a Sacred Goddess Symbol. Labyrs, Sagarus, Halbryce, and Labyris are all names for this symbol of Goddess power and authority. There is a Sacred Crystal dedicated to the Goddess of the Brazilian Sea. The Moon of Yemaya is named "a lua de Ijemanja" in honor of the Goddess and the Brazilian land. Ephesus was the greatest Temple City in Asia Minor. It was dedicated to the Goddess Artemis Diana. The Knot of Inanna is sacred to the Goddess. Astarte is also known as Astarat and Astoreth. The Bull and the Dove are especially sacred to Astarte and Astoreth. The Goddess is often pictured wearing horns. The Egg is a sacred symbol of Astarte, representing fecundity, new life and the powers of the Goddess. The Pomegranate, the "fruit bearing eggs" is an important part of Her sacred rites. Pomegranite is also central to the rites of Kore-Persephone, as well as other Goddesses. Goddess Brigid's Cross is a woven wheel of the year that marks the cycles of Nature and is sacred to the Goddess. This piece is a good example of how the Celts found ways of keeping the Pagan beliefs of their ancestors alive, despite their forced conversion to christianity.

Please note that a similar purple ribbon campaign was started in Desert Storm which regard our American soldiers for their safety and safe return home. Purple ribbons are becoming highly commendable today and it would be great to implement both the Return of Christ and our American soldiers with the purple ribbon campaign!

-- Anonymous, February 07, 2004


Are you kidding?

-- Anonymous, February 07, 2004

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