AVN of talus following trauma affect on ankle joint in the future

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In January of 1982 my 19 year old daughter sustained a severe talus fracture with AVN, dislocated, and after emergency surgery for redction, blood flow returned 100% in 9 months with no talus collapse. Due to the malunion of the talus position after the fracture healed she walks severely on the side of her foot with a poor gait and quite a limp with a lot of pain in the subtalar. Two navicular joints were fused in August, but the fusion was not successful. The subtalar is now continuing to increase with arthritis and is going to be fused. I have two major concerns. Will the currently unaffected ankle joint (hip, knee) be affected in the future with her gait being so poor and will the staples, in her recent navicular joint fusion attempt, work loose if they fuse the subtalar and calcaneous and improve the use of the inside and front of her foot? I am concerned that not repairing the previous fusion will haunt her sooner rather then later.

-- Mary Torgusen (torg@chartermi.net), February 06, 2004

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