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Does anyone know peter's story? How he started? How was he found? That biography link thats on this site dosent work.

-- christopher perkins (, February 06, 2004


Grant; no Aeon Flux fan girl can resist a proposal from a guy all loopy from having his wisdom teeth pulled. Short notice and all. After all, loopy is important to us. Remember the time loopy?

Yes Grant, I Barb e. will marry you.

Any chocolate chip mint ice cream left?

-- Barb e (, February 11, 2004.

I think you will find alot of information about chung on these threads. Just scroll down and read really old questions and such. If you dont know yet peter chung was activley contributing answer's to questions awhile back so read up on those too, its kinda fun. I love this forrum, I love you guy's, and i love you Barb e. Will you mary me? Please forgive the short notice. I might forget whatever i posted here because i just got my wisdom teeth out and im all loopy! So im resting on my lazy boy watching some Aeon and eating lots of mint chocolate chip ice cream. This is the life!

Hey Fox, My sister is on her way home with Alterd Carbon. So ill have that read in afew days and we will discuss and debate! woohoo what other information should i bore you guy's with. OH YEAH! I have a 8.5'porcelain Aeon Flux statue coming in the mail, got it off ebay for $36 so i like to say its a trophy representing my biding talents. here she is >>>>> ooooh she so pretty!

-- Grant "Fox!" Grismore (, February 06, 2004.

Wow, what a paint job!!

I have two Aeon statues and neither of them are as well painted as this.

But I took one and painted her all bloody, like she just got off the battle field.

Hope you like Altered Carbon, Griz. It starts a bit slow, but once it picks up it's really cool.

-- ashley fox (, February 06, 2004.

uh oh, well i hope the ebay pick that i saw last was the one she sold me. Oh Aeon, I love thee, i'd let you jump start my nipple rings if i had some! Maybe i'll get some... ;)

Hey Fox, i know awhile back you where looking to write a sci/fi super heroine (not drug) book. I had some story idea's but I cant write worth bean's to i will email you my idea's and if i can find it ill even throw in my prologue. Probably tomarow though, im alittle loopy still and need some rest.

-- Grant Grismore (, February 06, 2004.

i'd like to see a pick of the battle action Aeon if you can. I'm assuming you gave her injuries in spots she got in the episodes. Like her right shoulder, knee, and the throat lol.

-- Grant Grismore (, February 06, 2004.

lol I'll take some pictures of her over the weekend. And no, I wasn't particular about the scars, seeing as how she dies in almost every episode and is a series of clones, Aeon is never scarrred.

-- ashley fox (, February 06, 2004.

Ah yes, the Aeon statue. I got mine off ebay as well, and was so overjoyed when i recieved it. I love how they did such a great job on the figure too, it holds strong to all her wondeful features, figures like this can oftentimes be screwed up by whoever models them, but the Aeon one is excellent, mine is sitting right by my computer right now, as it always is. Alright, enough daydreaming... I'll stop writing... now.

-- Max W. (, February 07, 2004.

*sigh* she said yes! Of course, there is plenty of ice cream for you! I will buy you mountains of mint chocolate chip ice cream and red zinfandel by the bottle! (i'll just poor your glass to the top ; ) ) This is great, all we need is our eternal love for eachother and our old Aeon Flux tapes. We have such a wonderfull life ahead of us, of course you will have to change your name to Barb e Grismore.

-- Grant Grismore (, February 12, 2004.

Internet marrige?

-- Sam (, February 14, 2004.

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