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I have just finished burning a vcd with my cd recorder, the vcd was made with sonic my dvd program, I used this program so I could have an interactive menu like in dvds, the problem is that when I try to play my vcd I can only see the main menu page, I canīt watch the video files although I can see the buttons that will supposely link the menu with the video file, the video files are in the correct format (mpeg1) with the correct audio, and when previsualizing the project everything was ok, but ince burned (and after 1 hour of waiting) I canīt see the videos only the menu, If someone could please help me I would be very thankful.


-- Javier (, February 05, 2004


Did you really make a DVD? I don't use Sonic My DVD, but it sounds to me like you really made a DVD. VCD menus are very simple and consist only of text. VCD video is valid for DVD. Look at your disc on a PC. Does it have the directory VIDEO_TS on it? If it does, you have a DVD and that's why it won't play. Most DVD players won't play DVD on CD-R or CD-RW discs. It's a long story, but basically it's because the manufacturer never thought anyone would burn DVD format to CD-R/W discs, so the drive doesn't spin fast enough to play DVD when a CD-R/W disc is detected. If your disc has the directory MPEGAV on it, you have a VCD. In that case, I would guess that Sonic did something not quite right in making the menu that is causing it not to play. Nero ( and VCDeasy ( can make menus for VCD, but VCD only supports very simple text based menus. If you are trying to do video previews or anything more complicated than simple text, it will probably never work.

-- Root (root@yahoo.moc), February 05, 2004.

With sonic my dvd you have an option where you can make vcds, and has an option for vcd menus... so I made one with music and animated buttons... but i can only see that menu when playing the vcd in my dvd computer drive. you say vcd only supports text based menus, how can I make one? I tried with nero making a menu with a background and the title of the videos I want to write on the cd, but IO still canīt play the files, I keep seeing the menu I made without seeing the video clips I really want to see. The thing is I have already made vcds but without menus... But I want to go a little bit further if you could please help me I would be very thankfull


-- Javier (, February 05, 2004.

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