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Subject: Re: your recent e-mail (with a video)


Thanks for sending the video which came through beautifully. A first for us viewing a video on our computer. (Of course it took a long time to receive the file since we only have a 56K modem.)

Louise thought you have picked up a bit of an Australian accent, which pleased her very much!

I hope you have seen James's posting on the forum--a beautiful description of teaching Grade 1. And just a couple of weeks ago I ran into Sherry at Hazelton Lanes and had a long chat with her. She's really enjoying teaching also--this time Grade 4. And we had a visit from Helen over Christmas. She's extraordinarily busy with finishing her Master's at Windsor (and also teaching stats!). And Mirona is happy at Sussex University in England.

Have also heard some time ago from Michael, Giovanni, and Gigi who are making great progress in their graduate work. Giovanni got married last year and Michelle has got engaged. I don't think I've heard from Daryl, Rachelle, or Vesna. I hope I haven't missed anyone.

So thanks for keeping in touch. Best to you & Jake.

And Louise just learned today that her cardiac surgery will be on Feb. 20.


P. S. I thought of forwarding the video to the above people, but decided against it when the e-mail program started re-downloading the file before I could even prepare the e-mail. So just cc:ed this message to all the 2000/01 gang.

> G'day all! I finally got my video device set up and I'm sending a test
> message. Please let me know if you couldn't view the's opens
> with Windows Media Player.
> Ta ta for now!
> Lise

-- Anonymous, February 04, 2004

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