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I am trying to wire my Walther's Shinohara turnouts to be DCC friendly. I have read the wonderful section on this web site and have a question about the "circuit board throwbars". Do I have to use circuit board material? Why wouldn't a strip of styrene or some other material that is easier to work with work? What purpose does the circuit board materal serve for the function of the turnout?

Thanks for your help. Rob

-- Robert W. Galbraith (, February 04, 2004


The reason for the circuit board is that it gives you something to solder the points to. If you have another way to attach the points, go for it.

While you have to make an effort to buy the circuit board material, it really is very easy to work with. Clover House, listed in my website, sells the circuit board material already cut into strips for use as throwbars. I definitely recommend getting there strips. They make all the difference between easy and the need to for special tools to make your own strips.

All you have to do is snip a strip with a pair of cutters to the desired length (or use a Dremel cut off disk for a cleaner edge). Use a Dremel cut off disk to create a gap in the circuit board so that the points don't short out. All this will take about 30 seconds total. Then solder the points to the circuit board. Drill a little hole in it for your switchmachine piano wire.

-- Allan Gartner (, February 04, 2004.

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