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How old Edgar Allen Poe when he died? what cities did most his poems take place? Whats the main character's name in "The Cask of Amontillado"? What is the title of the six-verse balled that is included in the text of the Fall Of the House of Usher? What facial feature caused someone to commit murder in the Tell-Tale Heart?

-- Anonymous, February 04, 2004


Poe died 40 years after he was born (1809-1849). So he was either 39 or 40. I beilieve he was born in January, so he was most likely 40 years old. In "The Cask of Amontillado," the main character's family (last) name is Montressor. I'm not sure it ever gives a first name. My guess is that it is the same for the other character, who was referred to as Fortunato- that was probably his family name as well. And I'm pretty sure it was the eye of the old man that bothered him so much. It's been a while since I read the story, so I don't exactly have the details. Hope that helped at least a little.

-- Anonymous, February 04, 2004

Yes, he was 40 years old. He was born January 19th, 1809 and died October 7th, 1849.

-- Anonymous, February 04, 2004

really? i thought he was 39?

-- Anonymous, November 03, 2004

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