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Doesn`t show a lot. There is no reference to how they managed to find me, who they instructed to find me etc etc ... I refer to numerous building society notebook entries that are on this brilliant site. I needed to know so I could SARN them too. The notebook entries that B&B have supplied show not a lot. Land Registry suggests that there were 6 other properties of similar type sold at same time as my repossessed one averaging 60% higher prices that mine went for. This seems to me that house was undersold. I also note that valuers they use come from outside the area ... I suppose it`s thier choice who they use but why overlook at least 16 of them I pulled out of the phonebook in my immediate area that could have given a far more accurate valuation, as they have the local knowledge. They supplied 3 valuation reports done with 3 weeks of each other ... interesting thing I found was the comparisons with other properties that had sold "recently" in my area (I enclose the word recently because they went back over a year in one example) whereby two properties don`t geographically exist?? One report suggests "substantial movement" yet no invoices were included in SARN for any pre-sale work to be carried out ... only lived in house for 8 years. House was approxiamately 80 years old so are they saying that all movement took place recently? Or did they not survey the property properly before letting me buy it?

Any thought people?


-- Mark Robinson (, February 03, 2004

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