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How did the team San Fransico 49ers get it's name?

-- Latrena Moore (latrenamoore@yahoo.cpm), February 02, 2004


The original "49ers" were the miners who arrived to search for gold in the year 1849. The SF football team took their name from these miners, who also sometimes called themselves Argonauts -- which would have made a terrible name for a great football club.

-- John Martini (, February 02, 2004.

"Argonauts" comes from the ancient Greek story about Jason (of the "golden fleece"). And, by the way, the Toronto franchise of the Canadian Football League is called the Argonauts (okay, granted, they're not so great a team).

-- Christopher Green (, September 05, 2004.

The 49ers were created by a trio of men. One approached the NFL in 1940, and was turned down because new teams usually lost money. But the real reason was that Eastern teams had no intention of taking railroad trips all the way to the West Coast! Progress in the airline industry during WWII eliminated that logic, and the L.A. Rams (transplanted from Cleveland) actually began playing football a few weeks before the 49ers. One of the 3 partners suggested the name "49ers" before dropping out of the partnership a while later. Sorry I can't supple the names right now----my notes are at home. I'm hoping to get a book---"The Early 'Niners"-----published soon, and it would be filled with fascinating tidbits!!!

-- Jeff Cain (, December 14, 2004.

"Argonauts -- which would have made a terrible name for a great football club. "

*sigh* what USED to be a great football club in the days of montana, rice, lott, and steve young

i live about an hour south of san francisco, and i live 5 minutes from HOFer ronnie lott's house

they used to be a great football club

now its kinda sad

the 49ers are definately going through rough times

-- asdf (, December 29, 2004.

i just want to know how the 49ers got that name

-- omar reyes (, January 11, 2005.

WOW ur retarted it was obvious that its from people who would chant the star running backs number back when the team was started in 1957. The people then referred to the team as the 49ers because the running back was the only reason for the team winning. thus they changed their name from the San Fransico Quakes ( for earthquakes ) To the 49ers.

( If you dont belive me email me and ill send u proof)

-- Jack Pulig (, January 19, 2005.

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