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Sub: VCD disk file caníŽt see in winXP ? Hi,

I am looking for VCD expert for help. I have 2 computers (notebook n desktop) with window XP, the cd rom drive is working normal.

The problem is I doníŽt understand why some VCD movie disk caníŽt read with my cd-rom drive? Is showing empty when the CD disk in the cd-rom drive. (Used Space and Free space are 0 bytes in cd drive properties) But if I put those VCD in another old computer with window 98, I can open all the folder and movie file? Also, they can play normal in the regular VCD player too?

Is their have anyway you can teach me how to open up those VCD disk in my window XP computer? Thanks for your input!


-- Rick (, February 02, 2004



You can play VCD fine on a Windows 98 computer.

You can't play (or open) VCD on a Windows XP computer.

Do you have a program that can play VCD on your XP machine? Get something like PowerDVD - I think Windows Media Player 9 can also play VCD.

I think the problem is that when you try to open the VCD in XP, Windows knows that it's a video, but there is nothing to play it, and it gets confused.

-- Bryan (, March 22, 2004.

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