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Hi to everyone,

Thanks to those who replied to my earlier posts and to whom I was unable to reply from this forum. I have yet another request, and maybe again someone out there might be able to help me out, in which case I thank in advance for the time you might want to spare in providing me with porecious advice.

I ride an F4 and I am waiting for my new 1000 just now. I also ride a 998R and a Benelli Tornado (although the latter is not mine, it is simply docked in my home and I can use it at leisure).

I ride the bikes on track rather scarcely as time is tyrant, but I do my share whenever I can with pity dismal times, I mainly I use them in town.

My desire is to acquire sufficient proficiency in suspension tuning to set up the ride to my desire.

And here comes the point: I consider myself a novice and I feel I posses insufficient experience to perform a satisfactory set up. In fact I feel my expertise is ZERO.

So, please advise me on one or two good books that deal with suspenions set up. I need something very simple that will start from basics: what I should seek and whay I should look out for. In short what is good and bad, and how to tune the suspensions to get the best out of my bike, my lap time or simply to tour in better comfort.

Something clear, simple and basic. And before you scream at me the abovious facts of reality (You can NOT learn suspension set up from a f-----g book!) let me say that I do live in Tokyo (Japan, even though I'm Italian) where communication brakedown is the norm and a gross semplification would be to say I don't understand a word of what the locals say! So no hope for one on one explanation or tuition.

All I get is "passed" in the corners of the Tsukuba, Suzuka and Motegi circuits on week ends!

All the experience I posses is in motor car racing (Ferrari challenge) where I do strike dignifying times (though nothing to go superbly proud of) but I feel there is a HUGE difference between 2 and 4 wheels!

Thanks in advance.

Please reply to my mail address as trouble in logging onto this page seems to persist!

Arigato (thank you, the only Jap word I know!)


Salve a tutti,

Sono in cerca di un (o due) buon libro che mi possa aiutare a capire e poi imparare come regolare a mio uso le sospensioni per le mie esigenze (pista o strada), partendo dalla BASE. Mi serve partire con molta uniltà dai principi fondamentali: 1) cosa è da considerare "buono" e cosa non è "buono" in una sospensione, e perché? 2) Come regolarle.

Vorrei partire proprio da zero, e vorrei i testi più semplici possibili. Vivo a Tokyo e quindi (prima che qualc'uno lo suggerisca) non posso avere la fortuna di farmelo "insegnare" da uno più manico di me. Posso però andare in pista con una certa regolarità.

Le moto che vorrei regolare sono una 998R, una Benelli Tornado e tra poco anche una MV Agusta 1000. Non sono veocissimo in pista con le moto, ma non sono nemmeno proprio a zero, solo che vado a naso sfruttando le mie esperienze precedenti maturate correndo il Ferrari Challenge.

Grazie achi vorrà dedicare qualche minuto del suo tempo, e prego di segnalare questa mia richiesta a chi meglio possa aiutarmi. Vorrei poter pregare di postare le risposte anche nella mia casella di posta elettronica se questo non comporta fastidi, poiché non uso questo forum molto spesso. Grazie!

Ascanio [/EMAIL]

-- Tomamso (, February 02, 2004


Try Traxxion Dynamics( have a book and a DVD titled Suspension for Mortals. Give Max a call, tell him I told you to call, they did the suspension on my MV and I am very pleased. Curt

-- Curt McMillion (, February 02, 2004.

I think you will find all those bikes came with their own books on the subject. The owners manual will give you standard settings which will be the best compromise for the average rider. That is unless the suspension units have been swapped for something more exotic or you are way above or below the normal adult size/weight range.

-- mm (, February 18, 2004.

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