Where is West Mission (street)?

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I found an online San Francisco city directory for 1901 that listed a relative's residence at 102 W. Mission. I can't find West Mission on my contemporary maps. Where the heck is West Mission?

-- will (Willstaiger@yahoo.com), February 02, 2004


West Mission Street is now called Otis Street. This area was a substantal residential area at the end of the 1800's.

It was called West Mission because its two block length run paallell to Mission Street on the West Side.

Good luck in your research.

-- Kurt Iversen (iversenk@aol.com), February 02, 2004.

Thank you for the information, Kurt. One more question...When did the name change? After the '06 fire?

-- will (willstaiger@yahoo.com), February 02, 2004.

1910 City Street Guide list the change from west Mission to Otis, so I'm guessing it was changed during the 1906 fire reconstruction. Any confirmation?

West Mission (now Otis), from Mission and Twelfth, S W to McCoppin, thence S to Mission and Duboce Av

-- will (willstaiger@yahoo.com), February 18, 2004.

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