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If you are pregnant and looking for a doula....look no further. Fromthe Start Doulas are compassionate and at your side in the time when a women needs another womens understanding. Feel free to call us if you are interested in discussing a birth plan, or just asking a simple question. We'll be here. 410-529-1863.

Look forward to hearing from you soon. Happy Birthing!

-- Tracey Kraft (, January 31, 2004


We are looking for a Doula in Prince George's County Maryland. My daughter is suffering from Post Partum Depression and th baby is 5 weeks old. She needs help. She will be coming home from the hospital next Mon. or Tues. and we would like to interview a Doula to help her

-- Mary Ann McCaffrey (, April 24, 2004.

We are looking for a doula who dose bellycasting and I am curious to know do any of you offer these services? In my last pregnancy we lived in Seattle and we hired a doula to do my bellycast. I really enjoyed my last experience and would very much like to do it again for our second baby. We live in Columbia MD and our baby is due in December, if you do offer bellycasting? can you please email the cost for your services. If for some reason you no do not offer this can you please recommend another person who dose.

Thanks for listening!

-- Zsuzsana Davidson (, July 02, 2004.

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