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Many years ago my grandmother purchased 5 water color paintings by Ivy F. Constance. Under the frame is written "Copyright by Graves Gallery, San Francisco". When my grandmother passed about 20 years ago these paintings passed to me. I would appreciate any info on the artist or the Gallery. Thank You, David Ingram, Antioch, CA.

-- David Ingram (, January 30, 2004


hi---i inherited what looks like two small water color drawings by ivy f constance, 8 and a half by 10 inches----on one, it states, "hunphreys house, hyde and chesnut street" in san francisco-- i have no idea as to the value----both pictures are of the old san francisco cable cars, and the passanger cars seem to be of 1930s vintage----hopefully, they are origionals, and not reproductions---i also have similiar looking pictures of san francisco cable cars done by some artist by the name of frank serratoni, who is also listed on the internet-----r stone

-- randall stone (, October 11, 2004.

Since logging the original post I have received perhaps a dozen emails from people who have water color paintings by Ivy F. Constance. I have 6 of her works (I assume Ivy refers to a women) and I have found that several other people have identical works with the same titles. It would seem that she mass produced her works and sold them through galleries in at least San Francisco and Los Angeles. If you have any of her works please post the information here at this website for others to read.

-- David Ingram (, October 12, 2004.

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