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Im going to go see Big fish in about 15 minutes, and i know its going to realy confuse me. So when i get back tomarow at 7 or 8 pm pacific i want to hear people opinions and debates's! I know this is not a Big Fish forum so feal free to ban me from the forum and password protect!

See ya tomorow "Light in the absence of eyes illuminate's nothing."

-- Grant "The Griz" Grismore (, January 29, 2004


WOW Tim Burton is a genius It had alittle beetle juice feal to it. by the way i liked that internet short on adam films he made, i forgot who posted that link awhile back but those who havnt seen it should check that out. Anyhow Jude Law was a great actor, I liked how they matched his look to Alburt Finney, same with Alison Lohman and Jessica Lane. Those of you who havnnt seen it I highly recomend you visit the movie theatre this week. So...who's seen it so far?

-- Grant Grismore (, January 30, 2004.

Tim Burton had the elements of real genius back when his style was new.

Edward Scissorhands is by far one of the best films ever made.

Still, I think I'm waiting for the dvd on fish.

-- ashley fox (, February 02, 2004.

Damn i wish i could have remberd that movie. i was sh!tfaced though the whole thing and all i rember is a huge catfish and old man and a ulgly lady. Damn drugs.

-- dani (, February 24, 2004.

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