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The motive of my posts lately has been to set out food for thought that hopefully will call some of the readers to a higher walk. Most has been political because that's what stirs the most conversation on this particular board. As much as I yak about politics here though, what I'm REALLY into is building the Kingdom.

My pastor sent this to me today. It's a small portion of a LONG prophetic vision. My exhortation: Ensure you and your church are part of it.

America is Close to Revival

"The church in America is full of doomsday prophets proclaiming an end to America, but they don't understand that the country is only a few hundred years old and still in its infancy. It has many destinies to play out, and God is going to reactivate the covenants of the forefathers in the land, and America will start to grow and mature. God has both hidden and obvious purposes for America that will unfold over a long period of time and this coming revival is going to activate the plans of the Creator that were promises at the forefront of the nation's history." He spoke of a coming year and said: "This is a gateway year that will help build the gate from heaven to Earth. The Holy Spirit will whisper strategic things into the land through churches, music, media, events, and then soon these things will be shouted from roof tops!"

At this point I saw a calendar that had various years on it. There were 8 future years (not in succession) circled and names of cities next to different years. The first year only had a few major cities, but each year that was circled had more and more cities until there were too many to list. I could see a cloud off in the distance of this vast library, and I realized that it was a cloud of angels with glory swirling around it. It was the angelic host that would release these things on Earth. There was constant movement in the cloud. The scene was truly beyond description.

Charles' Message to Me

Then Charles Finney turned to me, (I didn't even know he knew I was listening), and he shouted at me face to face "One Nation Under God!" "One Nation Under God!" "ONE NATION UNDER GOD!" he said this ten times. Some kind of deep impartation came with his words and rested in the bowels of my spirit. I had a knowing that Jesus has an incredible plan to build the church in America and bring revival to the lost. He is going to bring a picture of His body all over the world through America! I knew that intercession was going to go forth on the Earth with new strategies for America.

By Shawn Bolz web site:

-- Anonymous, January 28, 2004


RP, shouldn't your message be directed to unbelievers?

-- Anonymous, January 28, 2004

Unbelievers are welcome to listen of course, but how many even believe in the prophetic? Words like this are primarily for the edification, motivation, and encouragement of believers.

Any believer should find the idea of revival on a large scale very encouraging. One of my primary goals for the last four years has been to ask the question, "what can I do to see the Book of Acts manifested in my town, my church, my family, and my life? What about in my nation and the world?"

I have a strong belief that the Book of Acts is God's standard for the church. If our churches look different than the early church it means we've lost it somewhere. I'm determined to get back to God's original model.

Of course it all begins with prayer and self-examination. That's good advice for anyone, saved or unsaved. It's one of the first steps to getting where God wants us.

Also beware the attitude expressed by some: "We're just holding on until we get to Heaven, either via death or the Rapture. Until then we're just a remnant enduring trials." That doesn't sound like God's victorious church to me. By living in the supernatural as they did in the Book of Acts we can turn the world upside down.

But we have to be the same kind of Christians they were. Are we? Not in my church, but we're seeking God to become like they were. Praise God my pastor is leading the way.

-- Anonymous, January 28, 2004

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