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European Stars and Stripes January 27, 2004

Study Shows USAF Makeup Mostly White, Male

By Kent Harris, Stars and Stripes

If you're a 29-year-old white, male noncommissioned officer, married, and possess a high school diploma with some college education, the Air Force has a word for you: average. The Air Force Personnel Center has issued a quarterly demographics report on the service's active-duty and civilian forces, with factors such as age, gender, race and education assigned percentages.

But while more than 75 percent of the active-duty personnel reported themselves to be white and more than 80 percent of them male, diversity does exist.

According to the report, 19.6 percent of the force is female. That equates to 73,074 of the 372,305 airmen on the active-duty rosters. Slightly less (18.2 percent) of the officer corps is female. There are currently 519 female pilots (3.8 percent).

Blacks make up 15.6 percent of the force. Hispanics, listed under ethnicity instead of race, account for 6.8 percent of the force. Asians are next at 1.6 percent.

As far as age goes, the average in the officer force is 35. The enlisted average age is 29. A greater percentage of enlisted personnel (48.5 percent) are under 26 than officers (13.1 percent).

With education, just about everyone in the force has something in common: a high school diploma. According to the statistics, 99.9 percent of the force achieved that. About 73 percent of the enlisted force has taken at least some college courses. Of the officers, 49.5 percent have advanced college or professional honors beyond the standard college degree.

The numbers across the board are roughly the same for U.S. Air Forces in Europe, although just about all of the averages vary slightly.

Maj. Rick Harrington, chief of force management for the USAFE director of personnel, said those differences may come from a lag in the reporting system. He said individual bases report the numbers up the chain periodically.

But age, education, marital status and ethnicity in Europe are just about the same as they are elsewhere.

Harrington said that's not surprising, because the population of "USAFE is what the Air Force gives us."

The largest difference is a higher percentage of enlisted personnel in Europe than in the total force.

Officers make up almost 20 percent of the total force. But bases in Europe have 86 percent enlisted personnel.

In the civilian force across the Air Force, the average age is 46, with a government service of 16 years.

The number of females (36 percent) is almost twice the active-duty level.

The number of blacks is lower (11.2 percent) and Hispanics higher (7.2 percent).

Local nationals in countries where the Air Force operates make up almost 59 percent of the total civilian work force.

-- Anonymous, January 28, 2004



What is your point behind this post? You titled it "They're Hiring" and it does not discuss employment. The diversity of the military has not been questioned so why do you disrepect this community by these inane posts that show us that you know how to surf the net?

-- Anonymous, January 28, 2004

As usual, harsh words. Chill out dude. You're speeding.

My motive is to encourage African-Americans to join the service in larger numbers. As the other post says, there's a war on y'know.

-- Anonymous, January 28, 2004


Thanks for your advice, however if I want it I will ask for it.

The post is still disrespectful and your ignorance of African American History and culture is astounding. Because if you knew anything about it, you would know that a much higher proportion of the African American population serves in the armed forces. One out of necessity because of a dearth of other employment opportunities. Also many African Americans have made very successful careers in the Armed Forces. However, it is not my responsibility to educate you (you appear to be able to surf the web quite well, do your research-- dude) so if you keep up the disrespect, I will in Christian love rebuke your ignorance. Got it? Good. These aren't harsh words just words of truth--my brother. Can you dig it--dude?

-- Anonymous, January 28, 2004

I already knew about the black military members. I've served with them, and count many among my friends.

Like some of them I joined the service to get a job. Also like some of them I joined because I was patriotic and wanted adventure. I found all of what I was looking for and more over the course of a career. Every opportunity for advancement was open to me. I just had to pay the price to get it. They found the same thing.

I didn't go as high as I could have, but I did go as high as I wanted. Some black airmen have been my superiors, and some have been my subordinates. I've also seen the world and feel like my career made a difference. The Soviet Union is no more, and I feel like I helped make that happen. Christian missionaries can now go there, and God is pleased with that.

But now we face an enemy that is much more irrational, who kills us simply out of hate. Of course we believers understand they're motivated by satan through his servant, the demon of islam.

So we have to take up arms again and wage war in the natural and in the supernatural. Freedom isn't free, and it's time for Americans of all races to pay the price in this generation as they have in previous ones.

Young black recruits will find they're joining others of all colors in a challenging, and yes at times dangerous way of life. But through it they'll not only help keep their fellow citizens safe and liberate people of other nations, they'll gain a huge sense of self- worth knowing they contributed.

All it takes is a high school diploma, submission to authority, physical and mental fitness, a police record free of disqualifying factors, and willingness to try. Those who want to try out as officers will have higher standards.

-- Anonymous, January 28, 2004

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. If ethnic culture gets in the way of pure Christianity, it's an idol. Most of the time it won't (hopefully), but anything can become an idol under the right circumstances be it a job, a relationship, a grudge, a hobby...or ethnic culture.

Now what's pure Christianity? Each of us should be asking the Holy Spirit that question every day, with the result He's moving us there in increments.

As part of that process (called sanctification) here's a check. If God reveals a change that's needed in your life but ethnic culture keeps you from making the change, DING DING DING've set off the idol alarm. Rotteness in the soul will follow. Why? You're being disobedient.

-- Anonymous, January 28, 2004

And you accused me of speeding? Dude--as you say, get a grip.

So many issues in these last two posts, I am not sure how they relate. Let me get this straight.

This "pure Christianity" (a eurocentric notion if ever there was one) if I understand your irrational thought pattern is in a part a call for "Christians" to rise up with arms and in prayer against the servant of the demon of Islam.

Interesting, now tell me, how do we determine which Islamics are we to liberate and which are we to destroy? You are even at odds with the selected one president bush who has said time and time again that we went to war to get rid of those WMD's oops, I mean to rid the world of a tryant, like Hussein, oops I mean to liberate the Iraqi people, not to wage war against Islam.

But if I attempt to follow your "logic" (Gibsonian sarcasm) this will open the Arab world to Christian conversion because if we kill enough of the "bad" Islamics their brothers will see the light and embrace Jesus Christ. Because Christians have killing power. (This must be one of those love thy neighbor as thy self interpretations I missed)

Actually what your "pure Christianity" reminds me of is that WW2 notion of Nazism, which convinced a large number of "Christians" that in the name of God it was acceptable and expedient to destroy the evil "Jews."

As you say: "As part of that process (called sanctification) here's a check. If God reveals a change that's needed in your life but ethnic culture keeps you from making the change, DING DING DING've set off the idol alarm. Rotteness in the soul will follow."

I agree YOUR soul is rotten.

-- Anonymous, January 29, 2004

Where is the respect? Where is the LOVE shown for your neighbor? Have we gotten so far out of Grace that we are willingly attacking each other?

-- Anonymous, January 30, 2004

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