want a digital camera with webcam capabilities

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ive been looking thru digital cameras since the last month.....being a student i do not have much of a fancy..but functions r important 2 me. I was wondering if the Canon A60/70 have webcam capabbilities. i know they r v good digi cams but even if they act as the $50 Logitech webcams....im satisfied.

Other dual cams that i have heard of r Fuji finepix n Creative Pc cam series..........But i know Canon is good...the question does it perform as a webcam? Can any lemme know the prices of good cams among these 3 companies.....other companies can also b recommended.prompt replies will b commendible.thanx

-- Noor (u2noor@hotmail.com), January 28, 2004



Hi , be careful of this black shop in singapore. "I HAVE BEEN CHEATED" $390 which cost only $89 for the vitacon lens.

i have bought vitacon 0.45 x wide angle with sony dcr-pc330e video cam and VF-R37K Filter kit in singapore at (song brother) 1 rochor canal road sim lim square #01-59/60. The sale man (name call Stefan gwee) char me for the total price of the three item at SGD$2614 including 5% GST.(TOTAL AMOUNT IS $2490) on 4 jul 2004.

The sony dcr-pc330e video cam in sim lim square shop cost about Sgd$2050 (GST not include ) as i tour around to ask for it price. The sony dcr-pc330e video camcorder itself which (song brother shop) charg me about Sgd$2050 (GST not include). Then VF-R37K Filter kit about SGD$50 GST not include. Which mean the vitacon 0.45 x wide angle cost me about $390 GST not include.

I then found out that the Vitacon 0.45 x wide angle in another shop at sim lim square (Edison electronics 01-43/45) cost only $SGD89 for the same models of the lens.

i have been cheated. i still have the receipt on my hand to prove that these three item cost me SGD$2490 GST NOT include.

As i look carefully for the description on the receipt it is written as (GROBARTING 0.45X WIDE ANGLE VIDEO LENS).


-- lee poh (winfirst21@yahoo.com), July 21, 2004.

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