Ducati 749s gone and 04 MV F4s here

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I have sold the Duke after riding it for a year in part ex for an 04 F4s, mainly because I wanted something special and Dukes do not not provide that any more. I have the bike in the garage now and am eagerly awaiting good weather (UK) to ride it but having read reports of early F4's does the engine generally leave you wanting more? the specs says it has more than the Ducati had so I would be quite happy witht that although the Duke is needing another gear at 9k just where I guess the MV gets going?.

I have owned the usual R1's (2) blade, R6 etc and find myself not wanting all out bhp and torque but the package, thats why I chose the 749.



-- richard thompson (rmthompsonnrt@aol.com), January 28, 2004


Congrats Richard! You will not be at all disappointed. I've had my MV since May 2000 and everytime I hop aboard is like the first time. Regards, Masis

-- Masis (masisludiy@aol.com), January 28, 2004.

The MV, especially your 2004, is a powerful bike. Keep in mind it's a very short stroke engine and will be need to be rev'ed. Once you break it in, keep it above 6,000 and it will be responsive. Keep it above 9,000 and you'll be entertained.

What you may also want to consider is to go with a larger rear sprocket to give you a little more low end grunt.

BTW, it's a 2004? I thought 2003s recently hit the U.S. showrooms.

-- Allan Gibbs(Phoenix, Az) (Agibbs996@aol.com), January 28, 2004.

Where are you in UK Richard???

-- Les Spragg (zen22731@zen.co.uk), January 29, 2004.

1st of all congratulations mate, I think you'll like it Richard, as far as the 749 goes I have ridden my 2000 F4 back to back with a 749, and the F4 turns in much quicker, and generally feels much better to me handling wise, though maybe a bit more twitchy. As you have the latest engine it should be more than a match power wise, though the F4 makes more power I can't remember how they compare torque wise, but there's the old V-twin v inline 4 arguement!

Enjoy it, and keep it pinned as in a previous post, it responds best ridden hard.


-- Phil Wood (p.wood@tesco.net), January 29, 2004.

all F4 !!! is a slow motorcycle !!! and heavy !!!! sorry but ....

-- cuervo (cuervomendoza@hotmail.com), January 30, 2004.

Are you still here Cuervo? HAHA

Have you considered that maybe it's the rider? :P

I've said it many times here and elsewhere. Each and every one of my riding friends are on new litre bikes down to the last one. Twins and I4's. I don't feel at a disadvantage on the MV whatsoever.


-- James (jamesorell@hotmail.com), January 30, 2004.

I think our friend Cuervo has had too much Tequila. Hey Jose, grab your bottle and go hang out at the R1 saloon.

-- Todd G. Mazzola (tmazzola@doncasters.com), January 30, 2004.

I had a 748, and now a 2000 F4. My friend, the F4 is so much more powerful than the 748.....and if you keep it revving...it's heaven...... Importantly, all that power it totally usable...sometimes we forget how important that is...... Cervo,..enjoy your 04 R1....and get ready to replace it in 12 months when the new one comes out... Pete.

-- Pete Hughes (pete_mvagusta@yahoo.com.au), January 30, 2004.

Hi Richard, I too have always favoured Ducatis, but eventually wanted something a bit more 'exclusive' than the ubiquitous 748/916/996/998/999 series bikes. I was close to buying an MV myself, until I happened across a beautiful Ducati 888 SP4. One ride was enough! Now here's a Ducati with real charisma! Goes like stink up to 11,000rpm, and with grunt to boot! As for exclusivity, I've never seen another one out on the road. As an added bonus, five years from now it'll be worth a good deal more than I paid for it - assuming it holds together!! (Maybe I should still buy an MV as back-up!!) Best regards Steve

-- Steve robins (steve@robins888.fsnet.co.uk), February 05, 2004.

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