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OK, for anyone who may be reading - you know Murphy's rule? Well, he wasn't sleeping at the switch. The homesteadingtoday site name was approaching expiry. Chuck was in the process of transferring it to another registrar. Then our hosting service ( for those who may wish to avoid them forevermore, and denigrate them to all their friends and acquaintances) pulled the plug on the site because we were more drain on their resources than they had thought we might be when they took us on. So while we were in the process of transferring the name from one registrar to another, the target of the name suddenly had to change as well. It will - they were in the process of changing to our own server, but the double-whammy is hard to manage. Chuck is away, Dean has a test-site for the new home up for the new dedicated server, and has allowed the moderators to start taking shots at it. I know nothing - well, no more than I've told you, but I'd expect that in a day or two we'll be up and running, although the change of IP address versus name may take a little longer to propagate through the Internet.

-- Don Armstrong (, January 27, 2004

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