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Does anyone know if the records of the Slavonic Illyric Mutual Benevolent Association have been preserved and if so, where they are housed? My Glubetich ancestors came to San Francisco (Barbary Coast coffee bar owner) in the 1850s and belonged to this society.

-- Melissa Gibbs (, January 27, 2004


Melissa -- There is still a Slavonic Mututal Benevolent Association that has a meeting hall on Alemany Blvd in San Francisco. They are the direct descendant of your organization. If anyone would have the records they would. I am not sure of the address or phone number but I know they are in the SF phone book. If not under social organizations look under "hall rentals".

-- Judy De Bella (, January 31, 2004.

My ancestors belonged to this society and it still exists. They were Gdovin and Lubich. I found this out by going through a few books at the Sutro Library on Winston Ave. They are located right below Stonestown and they have an abundant source of historical genealogical information.

-- G. O'connell (, March 24, 2004.

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