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When my pastor buys his elders each a copy of a book and asks us to read it and mark it up I know it's a life changer. "When Heaven Invades Earth" by Bill Johnson has gotten my pastor's attention in a way I haven't seen for a while. In fact he's written the author and asked him to visit our church. Whoa!

When I read books like this it shows just how far off the mark we in the church can be, and it drives me to change my mind and ways. The theme of this book is walking in the supernatural power of God, which far too few Christians do.

Some quotes: "Most Christians repent just enough to be forgiven, but not enough to see the kingdom."

"Some things are only discovered by the desperate."

"Most of the people I've known who are filled with unbelief have called themselves realists. This is an honest evaluation, but not one to be proud of. Those kinds of realists believe more in what is visible than they do in what they can't see. Put another way, they believe the material world rules over the spiritual world."

"Unbelief is actually faith in something other than God. He is jealous over our hearts. The one whose primary trust is in another grieves the Holy Spirit."

"One of the more common things people tell me when I'm about to pray for their healing is, "I know God can do it." So does the devil. At best that is hope...not faith. Faith knows He will.

For one who has faith, there is nothing impossible. There are no impossibilities when there is faith...and there are no exceptions."

Once again, it's time to ask the Holy Spirit to ask us to understand, apply it, and move up a level.

-- Anonymous, January 27, 2004


HI, I came across this post while searching for info of my pastors newest book.. Just wanted to tell you that as a member of his church and congregation, we hear this sort of thing each and every week.. Pastor Bills life is exactly as his book portrays, this is an awesome book!! If its true that your pastor was touched by it and has invited Pastor Bill to visit,( hopefully by now that has happened ) Then expect much to change. :) Blessings to you! :) - Mags aka Spirit Fire http://spiritfire.shorturl.com

-- Anonymous, January 29, 2004

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