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Latest frum Chuck Holton:

"The PHPwebhosting site decided to switch us to another server, and proceeded to do so without alerting us first. GRRRRR. Anyway, we are taking advantage of the downtime to move things to the new dedicated server, and are busy crucifying anyone within reach at phpWebhosting to get them to turn us back on.

The site will be up soon, I hope. We're doing all we can.

Thanks for checking!"


Well, this sounds like "Morale must improve. Low morale is an offence against policy. The crucifixions will continue until morale improves". Since it's crucifixions of the hosts who have cruelled the Hoesteadingtoday site, I'm OK with that.

If anyone could pass this on via e-mail to anyone they think needs to know or could spread the news, I think we'd all appreciate it. Likewise, if you could post it on any related board. This is the only place I'm posting it. I didn't really get into the "Today's Homestead" thing - just about the time I was being invited was the tie a number of the leaders there were devoting their lives to libelling and slandering some moderators on "homesteadingtoday", and I figured my time was short enough without devoting it to supporting people who would do or allow that. However, several people may be reading that and get the news there while HT is down if someone could post it.

-- Don Armstrong (from Australia) (, January 26, 2004


Don, Many thanks. I will pass it on,

-- Jay Blair in N. AL (, January 26, 2004.

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