who owns the old warehouse "National Ice and Cold Storage" on Sansome near Geen St.

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In the early 60's I took a photograph of the warehouse building located on Sansome St. just north of Green St. on the East side. The building was developed into a shopping mall at some point. I'm trying to find out who owns it. I want to show them this historic photograph.

-- John Bressie (john@bressie.net), January 26, 2004


You can find out who owns any building in San Francisco from the records department at city hall. It's open to the public and there are no fees.

I did something like what you did only I took several photos from different angles of that monstrous two story half block long hole in the ground when they tore down the very old Lincoln High School building and surrounding buildings to make way for Nordstrums at 5th and Market. I heard that some workmen had found some old Indian artifacts down there. Anyway it was really something seeing that huge hole and knowing that there was going to be a huge building on it and that there would never be such a sight as that hole again so I just had to photograph it. And I am sure I got some angles that no one else has. Of course finding those photos here is going to be no simple task. In a lot of ways, I prefer that simple empty hole instead of Nordstrum. It reminded me of the emptiness that existed there for thousands of years. I think Nordstrum is a lousy store and a huge ripoff. And I have yet to buy anything from that store. It was a very bad replacement for that pure and simple hole in the ground.

-- Harry Murphy (harrymurphy*@bigmailbox.net), January 28, 2004.

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